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Augment your software team with AI developers

Work alongside AI coding agents to build software faster and cheaper
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The future of AI driven software development

Connect your code repository via GitHub, then you can assign tickets, issues, bugs, etc. to Cintra's Coding Agents for completion. These Agents will use your codebase as context to generate a plan of action, and then will write and commit all code on a new branch. Once complete, users can review a well written pull request with the code changes on GitHub.

Based on your commit history, Cintra can fine tune a foundation model that works best with your coding preferences. We can also train a custom embeddings model to improve code context to generate better outcomes. Both models will continue to improve via reinforcement learning through human feedback.

*feature coming soon

Cintra can help product managers and entrepreneurs rapidly develop a plan to prototype new applications. They can simply upload customer insights and receive an AI generated product requirements document, engineering plan, and sprint plan exportable to Jira.

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Security at the core
We are committed to implementing industry best practices around access controls, encryption, and data governance to keep your codebases and data safe.
Data permission
Your data, your rules. We will never train models on your data without your expressed consent.
Code storage
Rest assured, your code is safe. We temporarily access source code to complete authorized tasks, then code is deleted from our protected systems.
We aspire to achieve the highest security standards. We undergo regular independent audits and plan to pursue SOC 2 certification.